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About me...

If creative bursts were personalities, I'd be schizophrenic!

I go in a lot of directions, and I'm hopelessly addicted to trying a new medium or investigating new materials. Still, I keep coming back to a few basics......  graphite pencils and seed beads and confectioners sugar.

As a visual artist, my goal is to render calm scenes, usually devoid of conflict or animosity. I also prefer the subject matter to be untroubled by the competition of a busy background, or ANY background, quite often. The favorite subjects in my repertoire are rocks, fabric, hands, and most recently, skulls. I feel that hand portraits are an idea yet to gain popularity (and I'll be ready.) I think back fondly of my grandmother crocheting or my grandfather whittling on the porch, and  I WISH I had pictures  of  these  scenes  to  remember them by.  I can still see

their working hands in my mind, and if I were to view a lineup of many hands, I dare say I would be able to pick theirs out of the group without hesitation.  Our hands are as unique to us as our faces, yet they say so much more with less apprehension. We don't have the same vain sensitivity about them that we do regarding our faces.  And frankly....  older, more textured hands hold the most interest for me, and I strive to portray them with complete honesty.

Now, as an artisan, I have infinite patience.  I can spend days fiddling with the smallest of beads or the finest threads imaginable. If you'd like to see my line of beadwork, visit my other website, Renate Kasper handmade, here.

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