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The images of beadwork in these
portfolios are mostly for inspiration. 
All pieces are one-of-a-kind,
so when an item sells, THAT one is
no longer available, but something
 similar can certainly be recreated. 
It's a perfect time for your input,
and I'll make a whole new
piece that's uniquely yours!

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Hat Bands 

Reversible Bracelets

Boot Halters

& anklets



Necklaces & Earrings

Bracelet Bands

Gwen-  Southlake TX

"So pleased with my custom Boot Halter!    Such a quality item, and I'm very  impressed with the design.    My

boots never looked better!"

Gwen-  Southlake, TX

Pat-  Ovilla, TX

"The custom bracelet was

made in the exact colors

I wanted and fits me

perfectly.  It's even more than

I expected, and I just love it!"

Pat-   Ovilla, TX

Jan-  Asheville, NC

"I love my hot pink beaded

anklet, and I wear it often.

It goes great with my Ayala

Bar earrings, and I always get

lots of compliments!"

Jan-  Asheville NC

Krista-  Killeen, TX

"I've never seen anything like

my double reversible bracelet

by Renate Kasper.  People always notice and ask about it.  I love wearing something so unique!

Krista-  Killeen, TX


    If you find a piece of jewelry

  you'd like to order, let me know the

  name of the item, along with your size, and

  any color requests. I will make a few changes             to the style, so that it's one-of-a-kind.

My guarantee :    Each piece of my jewelry is unique- I will never exactly duplicate it.  

You can be confident that your chosen masterpiece will be the only one

in the world like it!


I would love to create a beaded item especially for you!  If you're interested in a bracelet, check out the                  for proper measuring, and then send me all of your details.  You can request color and design changes to any of the pictured pieces in the portfolios, or I can even create a custom item to match an article of clothing, boot or hat.     So let's get started......

Success! Message received.

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